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Everyday Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial: My Go-To 10-Minute Makeup Look With Bronzed Plum Eyes, Peachy Coral Cheeks and Lips

everyday soft glam makeup tutorial top
I could happily wear this makeup every day.

This look… To say that it’s one of my favorites is an understatement. I’ve been wearing it FOR YEARS, and it has shown up many times on MBB in different iterations (most recently in the MAC Hyper Real Palette post), but I don’t know (or at least I can’t remember) if I’ve ever really broken it down before.

I don’t know why, but whenever someone asks me about it, I’m always surprised — maybe because it doesn’t seem like anything special — but now that I think about it, there must be a reason I rely on it so much.

I’ve done this look in moving cars, office cubicles, on public transpo, cramped airplane bathrooms (during turbulence), and lately with a wiggly toddler in my lap!

everyday soft glam makeup tutorial k and c 2
I literally did this makeup with Connor in my arms.

The eyes are lightly defined with shimmery bronze, plum and brown, and they’re paired with a soft coral-peach on the cheeks and lips. The skin is just shy of medium coverage and has some sheen to it.

It’s not an advanced or complicated look, but who cares? That makes it practical and realistically doable, and I like how I feel when I wear it. I can wear it pretty much anywhere and feel like the best version of K-$ is in the house. 🙂

I’ve listed the steps and products I use down below, but as usual, the brow gel, mascara, eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer, and even the foundation and lipstick, are easily substitutable.

That said, I do think that two of the products I use are “musts” (in makeup land, I use that term loosely) because they make the look what it is.

everyday soft glam makeup tutorial top

The first is the NARS Cordura eyeshadow duo, which I’ve talked about in detail before, but basically it’s a duo with a satiny plum on one side and a bronze on the other, and IMO it’s THE BEST bronze/plum eyeshadow combo around. The shadows shimmer but aren’t hardcore glittery, and they both add color and definition without being…basic.

Sometimes when I do this look, I’ll do it with just the bronze on the lids…

everyday soft glam makeup tutorial top
With bronze lids… (“All The Cats Soft Tee” from

And sometimes I’ll mix the bronze with purple.

everyday soft glam makeup tutorial top
And now with bronzed plum lids…

Either way creates softly defined eyes that work well with almost any lip color.

The second “must” product for me with this look is MAC Melba Blush, which is quite possibly my favorite MAC blush of all time.

It’s a buttery, blend-able, long-lasting “just right” blush that doesn’t go over the top.

everyday soft glam makekup tutorial k and c
Make the mullet great again!

TOOLS (products I used are in italic):


  1. Blend a few drops of the pearly liquid highlighter into the liquid foundation, and apply wherever you want some coverage.
  2. If you want, conceal your under-eye circles with the concealer.
  3. Build out brows with brow gel.
  4. Line lash lines, and, if you want, the inner rims.
  5. Fill in the area from your lash line to your crease with the same liner (it doesn’t have to be neat), and then buff the liner with a blending brush to create an eyeshadow base, feathering it as you move toward your brows to create a gradient.
  6. Pat the bronze plum, or a mix of the bronze and plum eyeshadows, directly on top of the liner on your lids, and blend the edges.
  7. Sweep bronzer into your crease and along the lower lash line.
  8. Coat lashes with mascara.
  9. Apply bronzer, blush and highlighter to cheeks.
  10. Finish with lipstick and smiles! 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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