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Heechul & Siwon of Super Junior Confess To Dating The Same Girl At The Same Time : News : KpopStarz

Fans of Super Junior were in absolute shock after members Heechul and Siwon revealed that they have dated a former celebrity at the same time! We always knew dating as an idol was never easy, but this one woman took advantage of the situation and Heechul mostly admitted to the embarrassing story.

On an episode of ‘Life Bar,’ the boys opened up about a number of racy topics, with one including a game the two played naked together with the other members from time to time as well. The topic of dating came up when Siwon had suddenly responded first by saying, “I wouldn’t want to date someone in the same field (entertainment) as me.” This prompted Heechul to say, “Yes, it can be overlapping.”

Upon hearing that, the MC responded asking, “Have you two overlapped before?” to which the boys responded bashfully but truthfully with a yes! Heechul then confessed, “Honestly, we have unknowingly overlapped during the early debut days. We both dated a girl at the same time. She knew we were in the same group but still dated both of us.”  However, Siwon finished the story by saying, “She hasn’t been promoting for some time so we haven’t heard from her since.” The Korean dating scene must be smaller than we thought – especially for idols. Check out some of the hilarious clips in the video down below.

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