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How Has Your Beauty Style Changed Over the Years?

Skinny brows, frosty lids and glossy lips circa 2008

Were you once a low-maintenance lass but now have a more elaborate beauty process? Was there a time when you would never wear lipstick at all but will now rock bright red lips on a typical Tuesday? How has your beauty style changed over the years?

Mine has definitely gone through different phases, like when I was in college in the ’90s, I was all about dark brown lips with simple eye makeup. (Eyeshadow…without any primer, ha! Brows. A little liner and mascara.) That was about it. I never wore concealer or foundation or blush, really, or anything like that. I did occasionally wear powder…

Compared to now, I was pretty low-maintenance, but then in my 20s I started wearing more makeup, mostly because I finally had a “real grownup job” and wanted to look presentable at work, but also because I just liked wearing it.

I’d do a full face with foundation, eyes, brows and cheeks from start to finish. I even used concealer.

At that time I was all about neutral colors, and it was really only when I started MBB in 2007 that I started wearing colorful eyeshadows and liners and blues, greens and purples on the regular. I was still wearing a lot of neutrals, but writing about makeup pushed me to try new things.

It didn’t take long to realize that I also loved wearing color. 🙂 And it pretty much stayed that way until I had Connor. After I had her, I was just like, “OMG, just give me minimalist neutrals.”

I’m still kind of a little stuck in that phase, too, although I’ve been trying to push myself further out when I have time.

At this point in my beauty life, I’m all about minimal face makeup — like minimal foundation and concealer. I try to get away with as little as possible because I don’t have as much time to really perfect my coverage.

I still love doing complicated makeup looks when time permits, but alas, I’ve also discovered that my skin seems to look a little better, my pores don’t look as big, and my fine lines don’t look as prominent when I wear less foundation and concealer.

But yeah, I love that makeup is an art form, and our styles and preferences evolve and change over time. I’m sure mine are ever-changing.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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