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LIONel Messi? 🦁️

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    1. Wow this Zoo takes good care of their animals. It’s clear just watching him and looking at his mane and coat that he is very healthy

    2. What a magnificent animal he looks as if he has his mane combed every day, Beautiful, When I first saw it I thought it would be another hunter shooting lions, so relieved to see him looking so brilliant. X

    3. I want one at you know if you don’t want someone on your property you can bring that big boy out and I can honestly say they would run and scram like a little school girl

    4. Now those lions look healthy and pampered. The ones at the san diego zoo look like they wish somebody would shoot them from the bus.

    5. Those lions look wonderful and well taken care of but however I don’t believe any animal should be in captivity unless they’re unable to take care of themselves they need to be in the wild where they belong

    6. Lions need to hunt! The ball represents a hunt and he’s enjoying it. Perhaps other zoo’s can take a hint and give their animals items that represent there natural instincts! This lion is healthy and well cared for. Thank God for that!

    7. I love big cats, lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs and all things feline.

    8. Hola lindo gracias por compartir el video y que el todopoderoso proteja a los animalitos y humanos salo disbrutemos. Y cuidemos lo que el todopoderoso puso en la tierra…

    9. Well at the very least
      This magnificent beast wont be shot by a rich hat Dentist

    10. Great to see this big fella moving around–he’s well-nourished!

    11. He needs a bigger ball…look at the size of his paws !!!

    12. stunning lion. (his eyes in this pic look like a famous actress/singer)


    14. He’s a stunning lion. That mane though..He’s being well taken care of.

    15. What a beautiful animal and to think game hunters kill lions to make them trophies

    16. Didn’t think lions liked water. Bet US team could win with him

    17. Oh come on. This beautiful powerful beast. You have reduced him to playing with a ball. So so sad .

    18. This guy looks like he just got out of the groomers!!!

    19. One of God’s beautiful creatures! Thanks for sharing. He’s magnificent!

    20. He is An inspiration to all the lions in jungle to play football πŸ˜€ 😜

    21. This is the wayto shoot wild animals.

    22. Omg not even close, le llaman la pulga oh mogol Messi.

    23. Play time! Makes me happy seeing the big guy acting like the inner cat he is.