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R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo Hits Holy Grail Hair Status

r co death valley
They’re alive! ALIVE!!! It brings my roots back to life!

R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo may have a morbid-sounding name (“The place where oily roots go to die.”), but, ironically, it makes me feel so alive! — like, in a “Damn, this is so good!” kinda way.

A $29 can of Death Valley is right up there with the gold standard in dry shampoo/texturizing sprays for me, Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray, WHICH IS HELLA BOMB, but it’s $42…

Like the Oribe spray, Death Valley feels like nothing in my hair. I can’t feel it sitting on my scalp or anywhere (other than a bit of a gritty feeling) and the mist shoots out super fine, so it’s virtually invisible, even on dark hair.

My hair feels a bit gritty when I use it (just a bit), but by no means would I call it crispy. So, your hair will not feel like uncooked Ramen noodles.

Like all R+Co products, it smells like fancy perfume, which I love. The scent is R+Co’s “Rosy Eyed” fragrance, which is a blend of bergamot, fig, tonka beans, cedar wood and lotus flower.

And you know what I heard through the grapevine? Oribe and R+Co are owned by the same company, Luxury Brand Partners, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the lines share some recipes.

I mean, you can find similar formulas across the Estée Lauder brands (MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc.), so I’m just saying… I wouldn’t be surprised.

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