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Saturday Surfing: June 10th, 2017


Um…is anybody else low-key freaking out about the new Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer?

I guess they redesigned it, and I just got one in the mail the other day.

First impression? “Ooh, colorful!” But it seemed kind of thin with fewer pages than usual. Then I set it aside to read later in bed. (Don’t judge! It’s normally great bedtime reading.)

I can’t believe it! Where did all the rambling intros with fun facts about coffee beans, weather patterns, ducklings and four-leaf clovers go?? Or the clever puns and silly wordplay? Everything in this new version is succinct, matte-of-fact and blah. It looks great, but dayum, TJ, why you gotta do me like that!? BRING BACK THE OLD FEARLESS FLYER!

On that note, a little light reading for your Saturday morning (beauty and otherwise)…

Violette_Fr’s videos are binge-worthy. SO GOOD!

Playing this all the time, over and over and over again…

Makeup in 5, 10 and 15 minutes with MAC Next to Nothing (a.k.a. my favorite thing in the world right now)

I’m in last-minute vacay mode, packing and getting the place ready for the tabby’s favorite pet sitter. As Tabs explains it, he’s a consummate deep-tissue kitty massage pro. He’ll be the tabby’s on-site temp assistant this week.

I wish I could bring Tabs along on this trip, though. I briefly contemplated emptying my big green bag and trying to sneak him aboard in it, but I can see the TSA agent now. “Um…ma’am? Is there a large cat in your bag??”

Well, yeah, obviously. 🙂

Do you ever wish you could bring your pets on vacation with you? I wish I could every time.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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