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Suspect arrested after Munich knife attack

The attack happened in the Rosenheimer Platz area of the city
Image: The attack happened in the Rosenheimer Platz area of Munich

Police investigating a knife attack that left four people wounded in the German city of Munich have arrested a suspect.

The incident happened at Rosenheimer Platz near the city centre, and none of the victims’ injuries were life threatening.

It is believed the suspect had also tried to stab two others.

Police believe the perpetrator, who appeared to randomly target people at several different locations, acted alone.

Munich’s police chief has said there are no indications that the man had acted out of political or religious motives.

The six people caught up in the assault were five men and a woman.

Officers said the suspect matched descriptions given by witnesses.

Munich police spokesman Marcus da Gloria Martins said: “We have arrested a person who very strongly resembles the description by witnesses, but we cannot confirm that he is the attacker.”

Earlier, officers announced they were looking for a man who escaped on a black bicycle.

They said the suspect, who was unshaven and appears to be in his 40s, had short blond hair and was wearing grey trousers and a green jacket.

People in the area were warned to stay inside following the attack.

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