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Watch: “LEGENDARY: Making Of A K-Pop Star” Starring Alex Christine Is Finally Here, Featuring JRE, f(x)’s Amber, And More

The Viki Original series, “LEGENDARY: Making of a K-Pop Star,” is finally here! Walk with Alex Christine, the winner of the Soompi- and Cube Entertainment-sponsored audition program “Rising Legends: Season 2,” as she undergoes her first K-pop experience.

The five-episode series is a snapshot of the K-pop grind that so many of our favorite idols have been through, and go through every day. Alex Christine, on her first foray into the K-pop world, is joined by YouTube superstar JRE. Also appearing in the series to show support for the young artist are f(x)’s Amber, UP10TION, Jang Moon Bok and Seung Hyun Woo from “Produce 101 Season 2,” 24K’s Cory, Euna Kim, and K-Tigers! 

Don’t miss the behind-the-scenes of Alex Christine’s entire journey to K-pop stardom — including dance practices, studio recording, music video filming, awesome advice and stories from her K-pop sunbaes (seniors), and more — in “LEGENDARY” here!

Check out Alex Christine’s beautiful “Strike It Up” music video:

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    Last but not least, Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won film the elevator scene where Lee Seung Gi knocks Cha Seung Won unconscious, and Cha Seung Won collapses against him. The two of them conjure up different ideas to make the scene both amusing and impacting. After they film the scene, they check the monitor and can’t help but laugh at themselves.

    Check out the humorous video!

    If you haven’t seen the first episode already, you can watch it below.

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