Saturday , December 16 2017
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What’s the Most Enjoyable Part of Doing Makeup for You?

k holding blush brush
Good times!

Is it doing your eyes makeup? Putting on your lips? Smoothing your skin? I used to looove 💗 doing my eyes when I had more time, and I could be extra picky about getting everything symmetrical, which I weirdly like doing, but now that I live my life by the timer on my iPhone and 15-minute blocks, I get my makeup kicks from blush.

I love how you can transform EVERYTHING with one sweep of blush. I’m all about that blush now, man!

How about you? What part of doing makeup is the most enjoyable for you?

Oh, and if you say brows, you’re gonna make me laugh, because only masochists have fun doing brows, LOL! 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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